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Church • XII-XIII • RomanesqueNotre-Dame de Blécourt • Blécourt (Haute-Marne)

Chemin de Bouvot  4  • 52300 Blécourt (Haute-Marne)

Responsible for the parish: M. le doyen Etienne Mpingi Nzuzi

Religious offices:
According to the calendar +
from Pentecost till All Saints'day : Sunday : 6 pm

01-01 - 31/12
daily : 9 am - 6 pm

(1)52300_NDBlecourt1.jpg (1)52300_NDBlecourt2.jpg (1)52300_NDBlecourt3.jpg
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Gothic architecture is well known, above all thanks to the existence and preservation of famous cathedrals like Reims in Champagne,but there are churches which are visited much less, like that of Blecourt,which are really worth seeing.

Built in the 13th century it was a well frequented place of pilgrimage to the Virgin which attracted the faithful in September. Kings of France and Joan of Arc worshipped there. The building is in the shape of a Latin cross.

The interior is very large ( 36m by 18m and 18m high) with a big nave, 4 bays and 4 floors. Visitors are charmed by the brightness of the white stone, the purity of the lines and its harmonious proportions. Noteworthy, are the fine quality sculptures on the columns, the pulpit, a statue of the Virgin and Child (14th century) and the 19th century stained glass windows depicting the life of Christ and episodes of local life.