Heritage route around Temse-Hamme


We find ourselves in the land of the Scheldt and the Meuse.in East Flanders.A cycle tour developed by the Open Churches Foundation leaves from Temse. It leads you among churches and chapels and tells you some extraordinary religious stories.

Cycle tour “Heilig Harnas” (34km)

Welcome to the land of silt and saline marshes where the water courses (Durme and Scheldt) very often seem to be a curse rather than a blessing.One sees nothing but floods. Churches and abbeys were often considered as protectors.The veneration of Saint Amelberga (protectress against the waters) and many chapels bear witness to the reclamation of land with the building of dykes, but also of moral support and faith.It is also the region of the blessed Father Poppe who worked for the poor and for the young.

See the route via Route You

The tourist services of Temse and Hamme give the “Heilig Harnas” brochure free.You will also find copies at the open church Onze Lieven Vrouw in Temse, Pius-Poppekapel at Moerzeke and in the Audemars Piguet Replica church of Sint Pietersbanden in Hamme. You can also download the brochure by clicking here. 

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