Heritage route around Wetteren (East Flanders)


We are in the land of the Scheldt in East Flanders.tvawatch A cycle tour developed by the Open Churches Foundation starts from Wetteren.It will take you among churches and chapels with surprising stories of religious history.

Cycle tour : ”Mysterious religious happenings” (48.5km)

This cycle route takes you through a region that is full of mystery ! At Wetteren, perhaps you will find who stole the panel “the honest judges». Would we find it perhaps in the Bareldonkkapel? Furthermore, you will regale yourselves with stories of the trial of witches, of legends and of mysterious sites. Taste as well local products like the beer “Lam Gos” or “Toverhekske”.

See the circuit via Route You.

The “Mysterious religious happenings “ brochure is available at the tourist Offices of Wetteren, Laarne, Berlare and Wichelen as well as in the “open churches” of sint Gertrudis at Wetteren and sint Dionysius at Kalken. Finally you can download the cycle tour Mysterious religious happenings” by clicking here.
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