Heritage route around Lokeren


We are in the lovely country of Waes. A cycle tour developed by the Open Churches Foundation starts from Lokeren and passes by the churches and chapels of this region. This religious heritage will reveal a surprising history to you.

Cycle tour "The hell of war- peace recovered” (52.9km)

Once on the way, it is difficult to imagine that this section of the route was a line of battle for 80 years in the 16th century. And for what reason did one fight during this period ? For a question of religion.
French domination at the end of the 18th century did not help the situation. Monasteries , abbeys and churches were degraded, confiscated, sold and converted to secular uses. It is the region where Christianity bloomed and where large powerful abbeys dominated. Now, it is reputed above all for its heavenly nature and its sanctuaries.
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See the route via Route You
The brochure for the cycle route has been up dated and is available at the Tourist Information Point in Lokeren and at the Wassmunster Tourist Office. Soon you can download the brochure here.


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