The Middle Ages in the region of Haute Senne

Proudly standing for centuries, the churches of the Soignies and d’Enghien region bear witness to local history and in particular to one era : the Middle Ages, when Belgium was still made up of duchies, counties and even a principality and when lords competed with each other with thrusts of lance and sword.

A small personage “nameless and ageless” has decided to know more. He will make you travel in the lands of the county of Hainaut and will even have you meet the historic and legendary people of the area.

The brochure ”Le Moyen Age dans la région de la Haute Senne” is available free at the tourist offices of Soignies, Enghien and Braine-le-Comte as well as in the member churches of the region.

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Download PDF :
"Le Moyen Âge dans la région de la Haute Senne"

Circuit 1
> See interactive map

Bicycle : Soignies, Chaussée-Notre-Dame, Horrues • Distance : 16,1 kms

Circuit 2 > See interactive map
Bicycle : Horrues, Braine-le-Comte, Steenkerque
• Distance : 20,2 kms

Circuit 3 > See interactive map
Bicycle : Steenkerque, Petit-Enghien, Enghien • Distance : 22 kms

Circuit 4 > See interactive map
Car • Distance : 38,9 kms

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