The Verviers region at the time of the industrial revolution

Soon after the French Revolution another upheaval occurred : the Industrial Revolution. Over a hundred years this irrevocably changed the image of Verviers and its neighbouring villages such as Pepinster, Wegnez and Dison. For years the country of Vesdre lived to the rhythm of the roar of cleaning, spinning and weaving machines. The mansions, wide avenues, the theatre and even the churches bear witness to this “golden age” Come to discover this glorious period through our tours.

Some kilometres north of this industrialised landscape others have kept their former charm. Although influenced by the textile industry its inhabitants have preserved its agriculture and the features of this country of hedgerows and pastures.

The brochure “La région verviétoiise à l'heure de la révolution industrielle” is available free at the tourist offices of Verviers and Herve as well as in the member churches of the region.

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"La région verviétoise à l’heure de la révolution industrielle"

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Le centre-ville de Verviers et ses églises  • Distance: 4,9 kms

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Le Pays de Vesdre : Verviers, Dison et Pepinster • Distance : 14,8 kms

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Le Pays de Herve : Herve, Soiron et Olne • Distance : 20,6 kms

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