Intimate and Grandiose Show
at St. Martin Church in Arlon

More than 70 artists
, musicians, singers, dancers, soloists, acrobats and pilgrims gathered in Arlon on March 23 and 24, 2018 for an intimate and grandiose show: "On the Way".
An exceptional event for Open Churches network's 10th anniversary, under the artistic direction of "Sacred Places" and realized with the participation of many talents from the Arlon region. A visual and musical tribute to the beautiful St. Martin church (listed among the exceptional heritage buildings of Wallonia) and for all those who feel close to this unique worship edifice!
Our warmest thanks to the Walloon Region, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the Province of Luxembourg, the Municipality of Arlon, L'Avenir and Cathobel for their precious support, not to mention the outstanding commitment of the Church Council, the Parish, the Academy of Music of Arlon, the Tourism Office, the CDD and R. Golinvaux company.
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