Marc Huynen

Canon Ludo Collin

Marguerite Bernard

Christian Hins

• Raymond Billen, journalist
• Cristina Ceulemans, Executive Director of the   Institute of Artistic Patrimony
• Eric de Beukelaer, Episcopal Vicar at the Diocese of Liege
• Pierre de Lovinfosse, professionnal coach
• Roel De Ridder, Researcher at the University of Hasselt, Director of Architecture.
• Gérald Hayois, journalist
• Catherine Keustermans, historian
• Cédric Leclercq, Secretary of the Association Campanaire Wallonne
• Pierre Louis, Sales Manager
• Francis Malacord, Director of the Tourist Federation  of the Province de Namur
• Jean-Pierre Martin, journalist, reporter, responsable for international news on RTL-TVI
• Christian Pacco, Responsible for the history of religious art course at the seminary of Namur.
• Luc Peten, Insurance consultant
• François-Xavier Remion, director of Action & Communication – Public relations agency
• Martine Van den Bergen, graphic artist, director of the asbl Open Churches
• Jan Vermassen, Consultant for culture, the media, youth  and cultural patrimony in the cabinet of the Minister, Hilde Crevits
• Laurent Vrijdaghs, General  Administrator of the Buildings Authority.
• Nicolas Vryghem, Business consultant
• Jenny Wahl, art historian
• Catherine Wittouck, art historian

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