Parishes participating in the “Open Churches” project commit themselves to the following:

  • To open the church to visitors for a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks between the 1st June and the 30th September, 3 days a week (usually Friday, Saturday and Sunday), 4 Hours a day (usually 10am to12pm and 2pm to 4pm).
  • To provide information such as a brochure about the church and the life of the parish and create a welcoming atmosphere where possible by having a welcome sign, a golden book, background music or flowers.
  • To properly train hosts and hostesses.
  • To keep a current, complete inventory of the valu- able assets of the church and ensure their security.
  • To open the church at the Open Church Days at saturdays and sundays at least from 10am until 6pm.
  • Parishes can use the “Open churches” logo to advertise and to guide visitors towards the church. The logo is a registered trade mark and can only be used for these purposes.
  • The right to use the logo may be withdrawn if the above rules are not followed.
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